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How to classify is easy pull cover canned bilge tank

Canned easy pull cover bottom cover under normal circumstances is flat or concave shape, appeared outside convex phenomenon known as the bilge tank. Such as glass pot cover, jumping as soft canned bulge bag. According to the iron pot bottom cover can be divided into the implicit expansion outside the extent of the convex, light assortments of and hard three conditions:

Hidden expansion: easy pull cover can look normal, if use strong knock at one end of the bottom cover and is easy to the other side of the lid is convex, such as the convex side toward the easy pull cover tank pressure, easy pull cover can recover again.

2. The light wind: easy pull cover the bottom of canned or cover the outer convex, if the force to press the convex side back to the original state, on the other side will bulge outward, it swells level slightly serious.

3. The hard wind: easy pull cover can strongly convex outside or permanently, the further development of easy pull cover can burst will happen.

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How to classify is easy pull cover canned bilge tank