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Easy pull cover my cherries nutritional value

Dongguan SUNO packaging co., LTD. Is specialized in beverage is easy pull cover, aluminum easy pull cover and tinplate easy pull cover the production and sales. Company has several easy pull cover lines, advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, with the most professional testing equipment at home and abroad, for users to create various easy pull cover products cover type. Products with advanced modelling, novel style, reasonable structure, perfect design and unique anti-counterfeiting, sealed original, colour and lustre is gorgeous, never fade and other characteristics. The company adhere to honesty, the principle of the supremacy of users, make friends from all walks of life! Welcome to join our company WeChat ID: Sunocanlid, below by the firm's packaging to make a brief introduction of dongguan easy pull cover my cherries nutritional value:

1. The prevention and control of measles, the measles epidemic, give children drinking cherry juice can prevent infection. Cherry pit has sweat-soaked hair rash the role of detoxification.

2. Anemia, promote the blood living: easy pull cover my cherries iron content is high, is located in a variety of fruits. Iron is a synthesis of human hemoglobin, myoglobin, raw materials, in the body's immune, protein synthesis and energy metabolism in the process, play an important role, but also with the brain and nerve function, such as the aging process has close relationship. Often eat cherry can demand the amount of added to iron in the body, promote the hemoglobin regeneration, as well as the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia, and can strengthen physique, brain puzzle.

3. Raise colour in capacity, easy pull cover my cherries nutritious, containing protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C, etc are all higher than apples, pears, especially high iron content, commonly used cherry sauce inunction facial wrinkles and place, can make facial skin ruddy and white, wrinkle elimination.

Easy pull cover my cherries nutritional value