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Senior salesman:

 Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, the level of English language or, be able to use English with customers independent AC;
2, more than one year experience in foreign trade, and mechanical and electrical sales experience preferred;
3, good at communicating with others, with strong coordination and communication skills and language organization skills;
4, a sense of responsibility, dedication, courage to take challenging work;
5, familiar with foreign trade and order management process responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the customer;
6, are familiar with the operation of Alibaba, Made in China, foreign trade website.

Sales Manager:

Able to lead the team to achieve sales targets; sales policy planning and supervision of execution;
Tracking sales plan implementation and supervision reached; analysis of sales data, market decisions to make judgments. Machinery sales experience in more than three years. 3, laser cutting machine experience preferred.
Other Requirements:
College education, strong communication skills, good spoken English and reading ability, more than three years of experience in sales, with lead-free soldering station sales experience preferred.