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The six technical characteristics of speed easy-open lid production equipment with high automation, high precision

(1) High-speed: cans belong to the extensive use of daily necessities, the low profit margins of single-piece, easy-open lid manufacturers need normal production profits through economies of scale, and therefore require high efficiency in the production of machinery and equipment in order to obtain a normal profit, equipment run fast, easy-open lid, such as the current high-speed production equipment, production of up to 3,000 per minute, the the stamping system speed up to about 750 red beats / min, the detection system requirements are high;

(2) high automation: the easy-open lid high-speed production equipment typical of mechatronic products, a high degree of automation, high line automatic detection technology and automatic control technology requirements, including the state of high-speed, high-precision, system automatically monitoring, automatic online detection of easy-open lid automatically removed automatically set cover, automatic packaging, in order to ensure the efficiency of the entire production line, the products of high yield and high security;

(3) high-precision: the easy-open lid is mainly used in food packaging, related to the health of consumers, safety requirements high for equipment precision, smoothness, tightness of the high demand, such as scribing knife in easy-open lid on the depth of the engraved lines to be precise to the micron level, to avoid the engraved lines too deep tank fluid leaks, contaminated, too shallow engraved lines pull ring is difficult to successfully pull also require high-speed state about EOE 0.21mm thickness of material during the continuous stretching over 8 steps, after the extrusion molding step, will not cause the breakage of the protective film in any position and only a few microns thick, EOE in the production line for up to 30 m continuously convert the posture of the conveying process, any position can appear the breakage of the protective film. Require equipment running at high speed, every time stamping o'clock error 0.005mm, plus or minus 0.005mm;

(4) testing requirements: easy-open lid device production speed quickly, the product can not be artificial full inspection of machinery and equipment, the accuracy and stability of and incidental detection equipment put forward higher requirements;

(5) high utilization: easy-open lid belonging to the mass production of products, efficiency in the use of raw materials demanding single piece slightly reduce the consumption of materials accumulated will be able to affect the producers more profits, so the device performance has been easy to pull cover lightweight minimization direction, further requirements for high-speed production equipment precision of easy-open lid;

(6) high processing difficulty: easy-open lid high-speed production equipment generally need to run continuously for a long time even run 24 hours, the standby time is short, the intensity of use, high demands of the service life of the equipment parts, which in processing equipment, parts, materials, processing, heat treatment process are very high demands.