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Easy-open lid broad high-speed production equipment market

Cans as packaging have the following advantages: First, have excellent barrier properties. Light, gas, water barrier properties, moisture resistance, and Paul fragrance performance significantly more than the plastic, paper and other types of packaging materials, long-term protection of the contents, suitable for multiple packaging requirements. Has excellent mechanical properties, high strength metal, excellent mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, humidity changes, pressure, resistance to pests, the erosion of the resistance to harmful substances performed better than other packaging materials. Unbreakable, easy to carry, and to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society. Fourth, good surface decoration, aesthetic and grade packaging objects, stimulate consumption and promote sales. Fifth, the regeneration cycle can be recycled. Therefore, the cans are widely used in the packaging of food, canned food, beverage and other industries services. On the other hand, because the cans cost relative glass bottles, PET plastic bottle packaging slightly higher, so its pervasiveness in the less economically developed areas is low, generally with the economic development, people's living standards improve, their utilization will greatly increase.

From the per capita consumption, cans packaging market in China is still a big potential. Around the world each year about the production of the various cans more than 4,000 billion cans. China cans per capita consumption of about 24 tanks, while the per capita consumption in the United States about 460 cans. From the analysis of per capita consumption, the domestic large space for development.

Cans packaging has a huge market space, natural requirements of high-quality, easy-open lid matched with high-speed production equipment, provide a good market opportunity for Slack company's industry. Easy-open lid easy-open lid production industry in the country since the 1980s, cover manufacturers use high-speed production equipment has been dependent on imports of the United States and Europe. Slack company was established to fill the domestic blank, in the case of technology has reached the international advanced level in the industry, Slack company to take advantage of its competitive advantage and quickly occupied the easy-open lid originally occupied by foreign enterprises, high-speed production equipment the domestic market.

Drinks easy-open lid production, Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries in the international market is relatively stable, the demand for equipment is the upgrading of the equipment, there will not be a major breakthrough in the demand for new equipment. But the food fully open easy-open lid of the areas of production, are still very optimistic about the market prospects for high-speed production equipment.

In emerging economies, countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, due to the rapid growth of the macro-economic driven per capita spending power, regardless of the beverage or food easy-open lid, are in a stage of rapid development, the easy-open lid speed production equipment market broad.