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The choice of canned fruits and vegetables is easy pull cover method

Easy pull cover canned fruits and vegetables in fruits, vegetables, tomato (except mushrooms) as raw material, after processing, exhaust, sealing, heating sterilization, cooling process of canned food. Easy pull cover canned fruits and vegetables are ready-to-eat food, which should be paid attention to when consumer is buying and eating easy pull cover common sense of canned fruits and vegetables?

1, when choosing metal cans packaging products, try not to buy the outer wall of metal cans or tank carries the phenomenon such as rust caused by corrosion products.

2, the packaging appearance change not to buy the product. As easy pull cover canned fruits and vegetables is microbial contamination, loss of edible value, often can produce a "fat" phenomenon, namely by naked eye product outer packing size. Metal cans packaging products, in the course of carriage, the object collisions, often appear the outer wall invagination phenomenon, air into extremely easily, cause contents rancidity deterioration, found that this product can't eat.

3, to buy canned fruits and vegetables, the first observe whether the outer packing is neat and clean, the handwriting clear printing; Second look at food labels, producer name and address should be, ingredients, net content, solid content, standard, quality grade, such as date marking information.

4, consumers should be as far as possible in a reputable store normal company or product also has a certain scale of choose and buy the products of the enterprise. When buying, should carefully check the production date, shelf life, carefully check the integrity of the outer packing.

5, easy pull cover high moisture and sugar content in fruit and vegetable cans, after open, it is easy to cause microorganisms multiply, cause product spoilage, loss of edible value. Proposal consumer easy pull cover on the canned fruits and vegetables as a finished eating.

6, when buying canned fruit easy pull cover height, should distinguish between good canned cans and syrup. Canned class of sugar water concentration is in commonly 15%, suitable for direct consumption. Syrup canned class of high concentrations of sugar water in more than 65%, only suitable for food processing. When consumer is buying so to see food labels concentrations of sugar water, distinguish between buying again.

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The choice of canned fruits and vegetables is easy pull cover method

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