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Different populations of canned easy pull cover different choice

Nutrition experts believe that China tinplate easy open cans best eat only two or three times a week, and focus on slightly different population.

Suitable for children to choose canned fruit: through research, canned fruit and fresh fruit nutritional value. But a little sugar on the high side, is not suitable for old people, instead of children is very suitable. Way tinplate easy open lid in canned fruit is more soft, suitable for children's digestive function is not very good. Both like yellow peach fruit itself meta-acid but after processed into canned sweet and delicious, more suitable for children.

Young suits to choose canned vegetables: the young of the fast pace of life, don't have time to eat plenty of vegetables. Canned vegetables collocation of ham, egg, meat and other animal product more rich food appetite also play the nutritional value of vegetables.

The elderly suits to choose canned fish: fish is rich in nutritional value, but making trouble and barbed, old people eat not convenient. Tin cans of fishbone is crisp, easy to eat. The calcium content is also very high.

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Different populations of canned easy pull cover different choice