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How to prevent easy open cans rust

Dongguan SUNO packaging co., LTD. Is specialized in beverage is easy pull cover, aluminum easy pull cover and tinplate easy pull cover the production and sales. Company has several easy pull cover lines, advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, with the most professional testing equipment at home and abroad, for users to create various easy pull cover products cover type. Products with advanced modelling, novel style, reasonable structure, perfect design and unique anti-counterfeiting, sealed original, colour and lustre is gorgeous, never fade and other characteristics. The company adhere to honesty, the principle of the supremacy of users, make friends from all walks of life! Welcome to join our company WeChat ID: Sunocanlid, following by the dongguan real's packaging to make a brief introduction of how to prevent easy open cans rust:

(a) wash tank outer wall adsorption of oil, meat, salt, sugar and besmirch, dry the residual moisture.

(2) with anti-rust oil. Many different kinds of anti-rust oil, the most basic cooking oil, paraffin oil, vaseline, etc. Have wool fat rust inhibitor with better effect, nitrocellulose varnish, alkyd varnish, etc.

(3) the humidity control boxes and warehouse. Warehouse in air relative humidity control in the 70% to 75%, and proper ventilation.

How to prevent easy open cans rust