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Domestic easy pull cover equipment in the business competition

Life not easy pull cover, the world about all kinds of cans more than 600 billion each year. China cans (easy pull cover) per capita consumption of about 50 tank, and the per capita consumption of about 500 cans of the United States. The huge market potential, natural produce high quality easy pull cover high-speed production equipment and matching.

Easy pull cover of domestic production industry in starting in the 80 s, the easy pull cover production enterprises use high-speed production equipment has been dependent on European and American countries. The establishment of the suzhou slack company to fill the domestic blank in this field, the technology has reached the international advanced level, the company use its competitive advantage rapidly occupied the original foreign enterprises occupied the easy pull cover of high-speed production equipment in the domestic market. At present, suzhou slack main rivals for the three companies, namely STOLLE, DRT, STI.

Now suzhou slack occupied most of the incremental market in China. The foreign equipment represented by STOLLE is still occupy most of the market share, but the proportion in decline gradually. Look from the usage of beverage brands, represented by Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola established international beverage brands, manufacturers in suzhou slack buy STOLLE or DRT equipment production before the establishment of the company, a small group of suzhou slack by manufacturer to purchase equipment production. And wang ji, wahaha congee, yinlu congee, mong tsai emerging domestic brands, such as milk, coconut palm coconut water is mostly from suzhou slack equipment production company.

In addition, DRT and STI in complete sets of equipment in recent years in domestic sales of new equipment, STOLLE is slack in suzhou's main rival in the domestic market. In terms of spare parts, the domestic market relatively scattered, in addition to the issuer and three American companies, and some other suppliers at home and abroad. Contrast, STOLLE spare parts sales, the largest publisher times, other relatively scattered.

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Domestic easy pull cover equipment in the business competition